Tanaka Volume Pump

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  • Model: TCP25B
  • Manufactured by: Tanaka

Lightweight, Powerful and Efficient - Capable of Handling Diesel and/or Water, this Compact Petrol Engine Pump is a Versatile, Reliable Workhorse in many Situations.

  • 1.2 hp Two-Stroke Engine features a stress relieved, chrome plated cylinder and metal Impeller and Chamber ensuring long engine life
  • Neoprene Seals for use with Diesel, come Chemicals, Salt or Pool Water (*Provided flushing is done after use)
  • 1" Suction/Discharge Ports and Couplings come with a stainless steel basket strainer, as well as a garden hose adapter
  • Sound Reduction System (SRS) special air intake and muffler design reduces engine noise up to 44 percent
  • Carrying Handle is conveniently located for easy transportation
  • Increased pumping volume decreases operational time
  • Except for hoses this pump is complete and ready to go
  • Designed and Manufactured by Japan's Finest Engineers
  • Security and peace of mind with comprehensive Spare Parts Range available


  • One-Year Coverage for Professionals
  • Five-Year Coverage for Homeowners